Jamming outside The Dancing Fish
Dancing Fish community members serve their community in diverse ways.

The Dancing Fish dance community is effective thanks to a standing committee of local volunteers including:

Working Committee of The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe

  • Joe Rush — CEO
  • Anne Gilroy — Activities Coordinator
  • Joe De Paolo — Talent Coordinator
  • Patrick Ward — Dancing Fish Grounds
  • Electa Sucsy — Artist Community
  • Pete Sucsy — Artist Community
  • Michael Croft — Community Networking
  • Jeff Shapiro — Sound & Technical
  • Patrick Harrigan — Publicity

Dancing Fish committee’s initial meeting of November 17, 2021

The Dancing Fish committee meeting of November 17th, 2021 (outdoors and socially distanced) discussed Joe’s proposal to host regular dance events in 2022.

In attendance were the following nine people: Patrick Harrigan, Joe DePaola, Electa Sucsy, Pete Sucsy, Pat Ward, Michael Croft, Jeff Shapiro, Anne Gilroy, Joe Rush.

A summary of the Dancing Fish committee’s first meeting of November 17, 2021:

  1. Joe is committing to hosting two dances per month for all of 2022.
  2. Vaccination against Covid is encouraged but no longer required from all dancers, callers and musicians, spectators and guests.
  3. Use of masks is not required but will be respected.
  4. The dance venue will be open-air when the weather is favorable; new air conditioning and heating can be used when weather does not support dancing.
  5. An expanded apron on the east side of the dance barn will allow for outdoor dancing if desired.- All are welcome.
  6. Dances will be held on the first and third weekends of every month, with a few planned exceptions.
  7. First weekend dances will feature nationally accomplished talent and will include a Friday and Saturday dance.
  8. Third weekend dances feature local or regional talent and will be held on the third Saturday evening, 6-9 pm.
  9. Admission to all dances is set at $10 for 3rd Saturday dance and $15 for any one of 3 dances on the first weekend or a 3-day pass for $30.
  10. Camping on the property is open for any talent or dancers with prior permission; no dogs allowed.
  11. Food and beverage details and organization will follow; a volunteer to organize food is welcome!

We recognize that the transition back to dancing is fraught, but also that there is a great desire – as well as physical and emotional benefits –  to resuming ’normal’ life. The dances at Dancing Fish will be planned thoughtfully with health and safety as a priority. It is the hope of all involved that we can see one another soon on the dance floor.

—minutes by Anne Gilroy