Lakeside Stay at Terry Top

Just a short paddle away from The Dancing Fish, Melrose Bay Hideaway is perfect for contra dancers who like to chill out between contra dances on the lake. Sleep soundly and be fresh & ready for the next day’s contra dancing. Lounge on the dock or even bring your own watercraft, like kayaks!

And it’s just 1.4 miles from The Dancing Fish — only half a mile if you’re paddling!

Melrose Bay Hideaway is just a short paddle away from The Dancing Fish.
Upstairs apartment
  • entire upstairs of private home on scenic Melrose Bay of Lake Santa Fe
  • separate entrance with own landing deck
  • view of Melrose Bay
  • full bathroom
  • kitchenette with hot plate, fridge, toaster oven and microwave oven
  • access to dock and parking
  • canoes and kayaks welcome — bring your own!

Affordably priced:

  • $120/night (up to three people)
  • $40/night per person (over 3 people).

Contact for details and reservations.

My Stay at Terry Top

Terry Top, the cottage nestled beside Melrose Bay, was easy to spot with its picket fence with cut-out hearts.  I pulled in, unloaded my kayak, and walked up the steps to the north landing entrance.  There, through the magnolias and bamboo, shone the sparkling water of Melrose Bay.  I took a deep breath, already feeling more relaxed.

Inside the wood paneled upstairs space, being the first one here for the weekend, I took one of the beds along the wall and stashed my gear and dance shoes in the drawer underneath.  Mary and Julie have the cubby room with two built-in twin beds this weekend, while Brad has the other built-in twin along the wall.  And there is still room for two more dancers with their inflatable mattress too, if they decide to come.

After I had freshened up, the others arrived from their afternoon outings. After a chat with a snack we stowed our food in the fridge. While everyone got settled in, we told each other our plans for the evening.

The women have brought their bicycles. They plan to cycle to The Dancing Fish and back.

Brad and I, however, plan to kayak over to tonight’s event. We both remembered to bring all our boating gear; whistle, flotation device, and lights – since our return paddle home is after dark. 

‘Highwayman’ sunsets seen from Terry Top

The late afternoon sinking sun is glorious.  There is a cool summer breeze off the water, and the fringe of cypress at the mouth of the Melrose Bay looks like a ‘highwayman painting’ … so Florida!  The paddle over to Joe Rush’s cove just outside Melrose Bay is a pleasant 30 minutes by kayak; we arrive there almost too soon.

The dance is invigorating and great fun, and it is so good to re-connect with dance buddies from all over Florida.  There are a couple of music jams after the dance; one on Joe’s dock, and one in the dance barn. We stick around for that.

The late night paddle back to Terry Top under the moon and stars is so peaceful – the perfect wind-down from a full evening.  I can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow!

Melrose Bay Hideaway at Seminole Ridge Road, Melrose
Double beds upstairs at the Hideaway
Double beds upstairs at the Melrose Bay Hideaway
Double beds upstairs at the Hideaway
Double beds upstairs at the Hideaway
Double beds upstairs at the Hideaway
Double beds upstairs at the Hideaway
Melrose Bay Hideaway
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Patrick Harrigan

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