Camping near The Dancing Fish?

Q. Are there campgrounds near The Dancing Fish? Or inexpensive motels? Where do folks from out of town stay when they travel there to dance?

A. For a limited number of campers, nearby Santa Fe Lake Park is a convenient option, if little more than a boat ramp and room to park perhaps a dozen vehicles without utilities.

Most camping dancers, however, prefer to camp upon the 15-acre grounds of The Dancing Fish — the sensible and convenient choice of most.— but definitely get approval first from Dancing Fish property manager Pat Ward <>. Pat can advise you about local parks and camping also.

“Dancing campers make happy campers.”

Definitely check out our Accommodations section first. Essentially, it is a blog topic so you don’t have to hunt to find what you are looking for.

There you have suggestions and links to where you can check out AirBnBs in the Melrose area. in the Melrose area.

Here are two great nearby guest houses that cater to our contra dance community

  1. Terry Top; and
  2. Bhakti House
Just a short paddle away from The Dancing Fish, Melrose Bay Hideaway is perfect for budget-conscious contra dancers!
Just a short paddle away from The Dancing Fish, Terry Top is perfect for contra dancers!
Where to camp in Melrose?

Patrick Harrigan

An avid contra dancer, Patrick Harrigan is also a photographer, editor, and website publisher.