Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What is your policy on Vaccines?

A. In a nutshell: Covid vaccination is no longer required at Dancing Fish events. As of early June 2023, the earlier vaccination requirement has been dropped. Anyone may attend.

Q. Is one required (or expected) to wear masks at DF events?

A. Masks are optional at DF events.

Q. Can I donate at the door by cash or check?

A. Cash / Checks / Credit cards are NOT accepted at the door. Pay / Donate online only!

Our volunteers are already quite busy enough, thank you! That is from Joe Rush himself, who asks and expects from everyone that they:

  1. Make booking/RSVP online; and
  2. Donate to the artists — all done online.
Q. Where can I stay when I come to Melrose for a Dancing Fish dance weekend?

A. Possibilities for accommodation include:

  1. Camp out on the DF grounds in your own tent or RV. Write ahead to Pat Ward for details.
  2. Bring your own sleeping bag/linen/air mattress and sleep on the dance barn floor.
  3. Look at AirBnB options in the Melrose Historic District or thereabouts.

Still puzzled? Or do you have other questions or concerns? E-mail to and we will get back to you asap.

Q. “I am trying to pay for a single dance this weekend but it keeps taking me to PayPal which I don’t have.”

A. As a last resort, one may also simply donate in cash—but not to The Dancing Fish! Put it in the hat, or whatever the event’s band uses to accept cash donations.

Q. When can I make a booking for Wild Asparagus weekend?

A. Bookings may now be made up to three months in advance—although we recommend that you book closer to the dates of your choice.

However, you must get yourself registered before you may book your reservation on the Wild Asparagus Weekend event page.

Q. Will the weekend schedule be dancing Friday and Saturday evenings as well as Sunday afternoon?  Just wondering if there will be a dance session Saturday afternoon as well? 

A. Fridays & Saturdays are intended for artists & visitors alike to relax fully and enjoy life beside Lake Santa Fe. Evenings are when our guest artists perform on stage — after dinner when we are all ready to burn off calories on the dance floor. Sunday is the exception, timed so artists can fly home the same day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Patrick Harrigan

An avid contra dancer, Patrick Harrigan is also a photographer, editor, and website publisher.