Cis Hinkle calls contra dances

Ticket booking for Cis Hinkle & Frenzy 4-6 March

FAQs that DF dancers should know

Q: “Online booking is not working for me. How can I book this event?

A. Only seconds ago (Friday Feb 25, 11pm), your DF webmaster (Patrick) booked himself online—all you will see is the added “Booking Successful”.

If Patrick can do it, anyone can. But if for some reason you can’t, that’s okay too! Read on…

Q. “I have had no luck finding an active  booking button on Dancing Fish website today. Menu line reads Restricted content. Am I missing something? I believe I attached a Covid card file with my sign up. Can I book this event?

A. Once you are registered, you are ready to go. That is our Number One concern—that we are all vaccinated. Registering online puts you on our list of subscribers—those who no longer need to carry their CDC cards to DF events.

We are still developing our online booking system. So if online booking is not working for you—no sweat! You may still attend and sign in at the door. Just allow a few minutes more so everyone can be checked in safely. Next to your name you will see a box. Just tick it off so we know who-all was present.

When can I book for Wild Asparagus Weekend?

A. The short answer is: Don’t worry. Be happy.

If you have already booked & paid, your donation is received and you are in. However, presently Wild Asparagus Weekend booking is not open. Online booking, although strongly encouraged, remains optional. So don’t worry. Be happy. It couldn’t be easier!

To put it in other terms, we are filtering out the unvaccinated only. These may include some of our best friends—but this is the only way forward for us to resume dancing as a community.

We consider the best medical and scientific advice—and vaccination is our own individual part of the solution that owner Dr. Joe Rush endorses and expects from everyone who attends DF dances.

This means that—provided that you produce proof of Covid-19 vaccination—you are in. Donations however are not accepted at the door, however. Why? Read on!

Q. Can I donate at the door by check?

A. Cash / Checks / Credit cards are NOT accepted at the door. Pay / Donate online only!

Our volunteers are already quite busy enough, thank you! That is from Joe Rush himself, who asks and expects from everyone that they:

  1. register themselves as vaccinated; and
  2. donate to the artists—online only!
Entrance to The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe
Entrance to The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe

What you can do before arrival to The Dancing Fish

  • Register with us online. Once you register online with us, you are welcome to attend DF events—even without bringing that wretched CDC card!
  • Navigation issues with booking events even after registering? Don’t worry—online ticket booking remains optional. You will not be turned away. Just plan on arriving early, well before the rush.
  • Save time by making your donations/payments to The Dancing Fish online—up to a week prior and after dance weekends. Use the Donate button below (and elsewhere) to make your donation using PayPal, credit card or debit card.
  • Cash / Checks / Credit cards are NOT accepted at the door. Pay / Donate online only! Our volunteers are already quite busy enough, thank you! That is from Joe Rush himself.
  • Camping? Let DF grounds manager Pat Ward know: patward562 at Gmail dot com.
  • Looking for accommodations? Go to the Accommodations page for up to date suggestions.

Pay or Donate here when you are ready.

You are responsible for making your own donation for each DF event. Your donation may be made here up to a week before/after this event.
Adult15.00 USDAdult admission to single dance
Youth7.50 USDYouth (age 18-25) admission to single dance
Adult—Weekend Pass30.00 USDAdult pass to 3-day weekend
Your eTicket will be emailed after payment to your PayPal email address.

Volunteers needed—perhaps you?

Do you have something that you can contribute to the dance community? Maybe just to arrive 15-20 early to help to greet and process your prospective fellow dancers?

Hey, dancers! Can you spare 15-20 minutes of your time before a DF dance? Just arrive early to help welcome & process arriving dancers, sweep the dance floor, etc.

The Dancing Fish community depends upon volunteers—including you!

Ticket booking for Cis Hinkle & Frenzy 4-6 March

Patrick Harrigan

An avid contra dancer, Patrick Harrigan is also a photographer, editor, and website publisher.