End of Vaccinated-Only Policy

“Covid Restrictions Now Over” -Joe Rush

Dancing Fish owner Joe Rush has confirmed the end of COVID restrictions at The Dancing Fish.

Referring to the now dropped ‘Vaccinated Only’ policy of The Dancing Fish, Joe says, “It served its purpose. Now it’s time to return to how it worked before COVID.”

COVID restrictions end

Tell your unvaccinated friends. Tell them all! It is about to be sooo much easier to follow and attend contra dances again at The Dancing Fish!

The new policy is effective immediately. Already all COVID-related signage has been removed from the Dancing Fish premises.

Proof of Vaccination required for all at Dancing Fish events. If possible, please register and pay online. Dr. Joe Rush, January 2022
Joe Rush (above) has removed all the old COVID signage and has announced the end of COVID restrictions at Dancing Fish events. “It served its purpose,” says Joe. “Now it’s time to return to open up again.”

As a result of the policy change:

  • Visitors will no longer be asked for Proof of Vaccination.
  • Registration will be optional with no need to upload PoV.
  • Payments/Donations will be accepted online only.

Payments should soon become easier, too. An overhaul of the website will take place over the summer–hopefully removing its most frustrating wrinkles.

The Dancing Fish’s novel adaptation to the COVID pandemic was rolled out in December 2021, allowing only vaccinated visitors to register and participate in Dancing Fish events. While it proved a godsend for the vaccinated who could return to dance once again, it also stirred passions among others who for one reason or another chose to remain unvaccinated.

End of Covid Restrictions
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