Call for Volunteers

Evening at The Dancing Fish. Photo by David Frantz 2022
Evening with Will Mentor & The Old-Time Superstars at The Dancing Fish. Photo by David Frantz 2022. Click on image to view more from Feb 4-6 at The Dancing Fish.

Volunteers needed—perhaps you?

Do you have something that you can contribute to the dance community? Maybe just to arrive 15-20 early to help to greet and process your prospective fellow dancers?

Hey, dancers! Can you spare 15-20 minutes of your time before a DF dance? Just arrive early to help welcome & process arriving dancers, sweep the dance floor, etc.

The Dancing Fish community depends upon volunteers—including you!

Contra dances at The Dancing Fish. Photo by David Frantz 2022
Contra dancing has returned to The Dancing Fish. Photo by David Frantz 2022

Working Committee of The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe

  • Joe Rush — CEO
  • Anne Gilroy — Activities Coordinator
  • Joe De Paolo — Talent Coordinator
  • Patrick Ward — Dancing Fish Grounds
  • Electa Sucsy — Artist Community
  • Pete Sucsy — Artist Community
  • Michael Croft — Community Networking
  • Jeff Shapiro — Sound & Technical
  • Patrick Harrigan — Communications

A few reminders for visitors to The Dancing Fish…

  • The main house and the guesthouse are private residences and are not open to visiting dancers.
  • Dogs & cats are not permitted at The Dancing Fish. Leave your pets at home, please!
  • Regular admission $10 ($15 on 1st weekends—and half-price for ages 16-25). So bring ten dollar bills, folks—not $20 bills or checks, please! Make it easier on everyone. Better still, pay online. Donations are accepted up to a week after each performance.
  • Public bathroom/toilet/shower facilities are available during dance event periods only.
  • Prospective campers are requested to contact Joe Rush via email.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Could you please give me directions to the Dancing Fish? Google Maps shows it in the middle of an area with no roads and when we drove by that location we couldn’t spot it.
A. Visitors are requested to use the main entrance to The Dancing Fish situated at:

24800 SR-26, Melrose, FL 32666

Entrance to The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa FeEntrance to The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe
Please use the main entrance to The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe at 24800 SR-26, Melrose, FL 32666

There is a big broad gate open and a quarter mile of dirt track to reach the dance barn.

Q. “I am trying to pay for a single dance this weekend but it keeps taking me to PayPal which I don’t have.”

A. As a last resort, one may also simply donate in cash—but not to The Dancing Fish! Put it in the hat, or whatever the event’s band uses to accept cash donations.

Q. When can I make a booking for Wild Asparagus weekend?

A. Bookings may now be made up to three months in advance—although we recommend that you book closer to the dates of your choice.

However, you must get yourself registered before you may book your reservation on the Wild Asparagus Weekend event page.

Q. “I am confused about how to book myself for a weekend. I don’t see where to log in. I want to attend Saturday afternoon only.”

A. Navigation depends upon the type of device you are using:

  • Desktop: upper right navigation bar under Login Then go to your event page where you book and donate.
  • Phone: touch the navigation box with three bars and a drop-down list will include Login link. And the bottom of every page also includes the link to login to one’s account.

Our current booking system is very simple. There is an Adult tier and a Youth Tier. Each is divided into single dances and weekend passes. You attend the dances that you want to attend—and donate accordingly.

Q. “I have had no luck finding an active  booking button on Dancing Fish website today. Menu line reads Restricted content. Am I missing something? I believe I attached a Covid card file with my sign up. Can I book this event?

A. Once you register, you are ready to go. That is our #1 concern—that everyone is vaccinated. Registering online puts you on our membership list—those who no longer need to carry their CDC cards to DF events.

We are still developing our online booking system. So if online booking is not working for you—no sweat! You may still attend and sign in at the door. Just allow a few extra minutes so everyone can be checked in safely. When you check in, just tick off your name on our list so we know you were present.

Q. Is one required (or expected) to wear masks at DF events?

A. Masks are optional at DF events. Proof of Covid vaccination, however, is mandatory.

Q. Can I donate at the door by cash or check?

A. Cash / Checks / Credit cards are NOT accepted at the door. Pay / Donate online only!

Our volunteers are already quite busy enough, thank you! That is from Joe Rush himself, who asks and expects from everyone that they:

  1. register themselves as vaccinated; and
  2. donate to the artists—online.
Q. Where can I stay when I come to Melrose for a Dancing Fish dance weekend?

A. Possibilities for accommodation include:

  1. Camp out on the DF grounds in your own tent or RV. Write ahead to Pat Ward for details.
  2. Bring your own sleeping bag/linen and sleep on the dance floor.
  3. Look at AirBnB options in the Melrose Historic District or thereabouts.
  4. Inquire among Florida contra dancers who live in Melrose or nearby Gainesville. Some will host out of town dancers. We are still exploring/developing this option.

Still confused? Or do you have other questions or concerns? E-mail to and we will get back to you asap.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Call for Volunteers