Let’s carpool to Dancing Fish events whenever possible!


Coming from Gainesville? Jax? Space Coast? There is a car pool for you.

Already Gainesville dancers, notably Dave Pokorney, Laura Thomley and Carol James, have been carpooling to Dancing Fish events regularly, even filling their vehicles with dancers. These folks carpool because it is fun!

“Feel free to get with me for future dates. Text at 352 339 3926 is best. Usually I pick up at Publix on 39th and 13th, and I enjoy driving.”

-Laura Thomley

But there are other reasons, too. It lets us get to get to know our dancer friends better. We have amazing human resources right here under our noses in the Gainesville area. 

More to the point, we owe it to the planet’s succeeding generations to reduce our personal carbon footprint. Carpooling is one way we can respond to climate change consciously as a dance community. 

Name : Dave Pokorney
Email : dave@pokorney.us

Address : 1594 NW 19th Circle, Gainesville (behind Gainesville H.S.)

Cell: 352-870-7653

Name : Laura Thomley
Email : laurathomley@yahoo.com
Address : 1921 NW 22nd Drive, Gainesville

Text at: 352 339 3926

Name : Diane Schulbach
Email : Diane@ourala.org
Address : 2636 NW 36th Place, Gainesville

Cell: 352-870-2693

Name : Mark Stowe
Email : shadowdance2024@gmail.com
Address : 2418 SE 30th Pl, Gainesville

Cell: 352-235-4632

Name : Carol James
Email : afn39310@hotmail.com
Address : 5820 NW 84th Terrace, Gainesville

Cell: 352-359-8253

Name : David Hastings
Email : dwhastings@gmail.com
Address : 1831 NW 12th Road, Gainesville

Cell: 727-692-7795

Name : Robin Worden
Email : worden.robin@gmail.com
Address : 13200 West Newberry Road, Newberry

Name : Jean Sperbeck
Email : jsperbeck9@gmail.com
Address : 1941 NW 34th Terrace, Gainesville

Name : Timothy Clanton
Email : tdctdc90@gmail.com
Address : 1925 NW 43rd St Apt 53K, Gainesville

Cell: 573-544-0014

Name : Clancy Stargel
Email : clancybryantrd@gmail.com
Address : 3715 SW 6th Place, Gainesville

Cell: 843-737-2663

Name : Denise Breckenridge
Email : denibreck2@yahoo.com
Address : 7125 SW 77th Street, Gainesville

Cell: 352-281-9289

Name : Catherine Turner
Email : cat.r.turner@gmail.com

Name : Yvonne Jones
Email : Conjo98@gmail.com
Address : 4737 NW 76th Road, Gainesville

Cell: 352-337-2667

Name : Paul Gilman
Email : prcontradancer@gmail.com
Address : 2725 NW 47th Ave, Gainesville

Name : Dorothy Olson
Email : dorothyolson@gmail.com

Name : Darren Burgess
Email : darrentburgess@gmail.com
Address : 1941 NW 34th Terrace

Name : Patrick Harrigan
Email : kataragama@gmail.com
Address : 2686 NW 47th Terrace, Gainesville
Text: (904) 403-9523

Patrick Harrigan
Technical & Community Support
The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe

The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe

For urgent inquiries, TEXT to (904) 403-9523.

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Patrick Harrigan

An avid contra dancer, Patrick Harrigan is also a photographer, editor, and website publisher.