Will omicron Covid wave recede soon enough for February events?

Entrance to The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe
Entrance to The Dancing Fish of Lake Santa Fe
Waxing moon over The Dancing Fish

Omicron variant has been raging across Florida all of January. However, the wave is showing signs of receding. Will it recede in time for The Dancing Fish to host contra dances in February?

I asked Joe Rush, who says:

“Yes, the band is planning on coming down. If things aren’t that bad, we may have a small turnout. Or, if things are bad but not horrible, we will simply have concerts. Or we may even have a good turnout if the pandemic is improving. Either way, the band is coming down for the weekend.”

—Joe Rush

So keep healthy and stay tuned! In the meantime, there are things that you can do:

  • If you are not already vaccinated against Covid-19, please do so. Otherwise, you may not attend our events.
  • If you are ‘fully vaccinated’, get the booster and keep your vaccinations up to date.
  • If you are not already registered with The Dancing Fish, then register here where you can upload your Proof of Vaccination—and forget it after that.

Online Ticket Booking

The Dancing Fish has announced new guidelines for booking tickets online. Th:

  1. Online booking is currently suspended while the website’s reservation system is undergoing renovation.
  2. Dancing Fish online event bookings may be made one week before events only. We will let everyone know when bookings open a week before each event, which is our current ‘safety window’ (i.e. we cannot predict conditions more than a week away).
  3. Online registration (for those who are still not registered with DF) is open. Everyone is strongly encouraged to register.
  4. If you already paid for an event that was canceled, we have a record of your payment. You may apply it to the next DF event you attend. We apologize for any such inconvenience while we are developing The Dancing Fish as an online presence.
  5. If you have questions or concerns or suggestions about anything concerning this website, contact Patrick Harrigan or leave him a comment in any comment box.

February Squares & Contras with Will Mentor and The Old-Time Superstars

  • Will Mentor calling
  • Sam Bartlett on banjo
  • Paula Bradley on guitar
  • Sami Braman on fiddle
  • Abby Ladin on bass
Will Mentor calling at Glen Echo Park
Will Mentor calling at Glen Echo Park

Will Mentor is a contra and square dance caller from Northern Vermont known for his clear teaching, upbeat wit, and relaxed stage presence. He loves to choreograph evenings with a variety of dances and tempos that at times surprise and always delight, all the while keeping intact his guiding principle as a caller: “It’s about the dancers!”


Everyone attending Dancing Fish events—including dancers, musicians, spectators, et al—must present Proof of Vaccination against Covid-19. So bring your CDC-issued COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to every event at The Dancing Fish.

Better still, register yourself by uploading a photo of your CDC-issued COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card, and you won’t need to carry it with you. Once you are registered with the Dancing Fish, you won’t have to show your vaccination card again. Then we know that you are ‘on board’ and serious about protecting yourself and others by getting vaccinated and boosted.

February events are still on—with caveats
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Patrick Harrigan

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