February events are still ‘on’ at The Dancing Fish

[Melrose, 10 January 2022] While the omicron variant of Covid-19 is currently surging across Florida, it is also expected to recede quickly. Just how quickly will decide when contra dancing resumes at The Dancing Fish.

“We are monitoring the Covid situation closely and continuously. Our dances are still ‘on’ at this time.”

—Dr. Joe Rush
Will Mentor calling at Glen Echo Park
Will Mentor calling at Glen Echo Park

As of the time of publication, Will Mentor and The Old-Time Superstars are booked and ready to fly to Florida and perform the weekend of February 4-5-6.

“Even if pandemic conditions at that time preclude dancing face-to-face, the band can still perform in concert so dancers can still gather and dance or just watch and listen,” says Dr. Joe Rush. “So events are ‘on’ for the first weekend in February—unless unforeseen changes of circumstances should occur.”

More about Will Mentor and The Old-Time Superstars

Meanwhile, our own Joe Rush has not been idle lately, either. Work on The Dancing Fish continues unabated, with flags and more (see below) going up. And what else is Joe now constructing in front of The Dancing Fish? Hint: you’d have to visit in the daytime to see it and appreciate it. Meanwhile, The Dancing Fish looks more like someone’s barn or workshop than the dance venue that most of us recognize and love.

Contra dancers, callers and musicians alike may want to thank Joe De Paolo of the Dancing Fish working committee, who has been quietly coordinating even more events, including both local talent and national bands & callers. How about April Fool’s Weekend with Diane Silver and Party of Three?

April Fool’s Weekend with Diane Silver and Party of Three

Diane Silver and Party of Three
Diane Silver and Party of Three

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Patrick Harrigan

Patrick Harrigan

An avid contra dancer, Patrick Harrigan is also a photographer, editor, website publisher and secretary of the Confederation of Indigenous Nations of the Middle East and North Africa (cinmena.org).